My interest in photography came about 1949 in the eighth grade at Exeter, California when I took my first photography class. We made a simple 4x6x4 box camera, painted it flat black both inside and out in order to help prevent light leakage. A hole was punched in the front end with a large needle and a flap secured for a so called shutter. This box was set in a secured position as the flap would be lifted for approximately 45 seconds and Schazam!!!!!  my first photograph. As faint and washed out as it was from overused developer and looking more like a sepiatone, I do hereby declare it a miracle.

My new found hobby would lay dormant for many years as I continued to grow up, travel about with my parents who were in the evangelistic field and finally marriage.

I am a commercial printer by trade, a graphics designer by necessity, an American primitives collector by passion and have pursued my photographic hobby for several years. Being a printer and photographer, photography has allowed both to assist me in my chosen field with advertisements, brochures, cards as well as other photographic printing needs of the industry.

Presently, I am into my 56th year on my last job. Now don't start counting. Most all my travels have come about since 2003. One day they may very well find me face down in a print shop, out on a delivery or in a rice paddy in some far distant land. My plans are to work, pursue my hobbies and last but not least, serve my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to the very end.

The Main Thing is just to keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing

Gene D. Austin


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