China Connection

What an incredible country to visit. The deep gourges, high limestone peaks thru the valleys containing the LiJiang river leaves one in complete awe, as was myself. My five trips there have allowed me to see much of an indescribable country with its special culture, traditions and a much different way of life. I most prefer to go into the deeper interior, away from the glitter of the larger cities and its fanfare. Outback as I shall call it, still remains somewhat primitive by most standards. Most of the plowing in the rice fields is done with the water buffalo even to this day. My favorite was always the old ancient historical villages, and my 11 trips to YangMei. YangMei, I shall never forget thee nor thy kindred!!!

Even today as I look overhead and see the vapor trails high in the sky, I'm chastened to make another trip there soon, very soon.

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