Someone once asked me, "Why are you shooting a picture of that?"
Well . . . I've discovered people sometimes like to look at what someone else is looking at also.

I've always wanted to know what's just around the next bend,
What's over the next hill, or what's on the other side of the world.

In recent years I 've packed up and went to see for myself.

Following is a small token of the photos of the many things I've seen 
through the lens and witnessed since 2003.

Hope you will enjoy. If so, send me an email . . .
If not, please send your complaint to my overseas office in Ullaanbaatan, Outer Mongolia.

~ The Main Thing is just to keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing ~

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5 loaves and 2 fish
Crown of Thorns and nails, Christian Art

Gene D. Austin, Obituary

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